Our Idea

Diseases are getting more complex and the need for control measures to monitor their spread and growing resistances is becoming to be an important need.

Sequencing data often provides the only answer needed to decide the course of action to take therefore sequencing must be made available to everyone, everywhere.

This can only be achieved with simple and decentralized testing with a Near Patient Testing NGS Library Preparation solution

Concept Design

Simplicity in User Set Up and Time Saving allows decentralized SARS-CoV-2 NGS testing.
Helaxy’s Workflow

Helaxy’s Fluidics NGS Prep Solution

Moving NGS from specialty laboratories into every hospital
Simple & Automated

Minimal hands-on time which eliminates manual pipetting errors and doesn’t require special training and expertise

Affordable & Accessible

Flexible sample and assay setup to minimize reagents wastage and plastic consumables


Fast sample preparation turnaround time of 6 hours. No transportation time lost due to on site training


Compatible with existing NGS instruments from Illumina & Thermo Fisher

Our Market

Move NGS from Tier 1 Labs into next laboratory tier with lower volumes

Slow - Expensive - Centralized
Today’s Testing:
Fast - Cost Effective - Decentralized
Helaxy’s Answer:

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